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Essay Tense Checker: Effective Way to Get an A-Grade Essay

What Tense Should an Essay be Written in?

The tense an essay is written in will depend to a degree on what type of essay it is as well as on the instructor’s rules. One constant for writing essays is that the verb tense should be consistent and you may want to use an essay tense checker to ensure tense consistency. The following are some of the grammar rules that apply to the use of tenses in essays:

  • Most essays will be written primarily in present tense
  • Use past tense if referring to events that occurred in the past or if discussing an author’s ideas in a historical context
  • When pointing out the focus or main argument of an essay use the present simple tense
  • Use the present tense for general facts and conclusions
  • As much as possible be consistent when using verb tenses. Select a primary tense to write the essay in and make sure verbs and verb tenses align with the primary tense
what tense should an essay be written in

How to Check Tense Change in an Essay

The verb tenses in essays should be consistent throughout the paper unless it is necessary to show a change in the time frame of an event or action. If you are concerned some part of your essay is in the wrong tense then you will need to proofread essay for tenses that are inconsistent with your primary tense:

  • Establish what your primary tense is (past, present, future)
  • Take note of all verbs and verb phrases in the portion of the essay you are concerned with
  • Verbs and verb phrases that aren’t in the same tense as your primary tense are likely in the wrong tense unless they are being deliberately used to show a change in the time frame .

Checking for tenses in essays sounds easy but can actually be a long and tedious process. Is there another way to check verb tense in my essay you ask? Fortunately there is an alternative method as we have a tool that check if essay is in same tense all the way through.  You can check verb tense online using our past tense essay checker. It will analyze your entire essay and identify any tense problems for you. Now you may be wondering how can I convert my essay to present tense once a problem has been detected.  Our online essay editor for verb tense has you covered there as well. After identifying any verb tense problems in your essay it provides recommendations on how to fix mistakes.

Verb Tenses for Different Types of Essays

During the course of your school career you will most likely be assigned several different types of essays to write. The following are some specifics for using verb tenses in different types of essays:

  • Argumentative essay. This type of essay is intended to test your skills in forming an opinion through research and building evidence-based arguments. Present tense will be the primary tense and used to present general facts and conclusions. Use simple past tense to refer to completed actions/events in the past and present perfect tense for events that began in the past and are still ongoing. The future tense may be used if discussing plans or predictions for the future.
  • Expository essay. These essays are meant to test knowledge of a topic and the ability to communicate information clearly.  Generally they are written in the present tense with occasional shifts to the past tense to show a difference in time frames.
  • Descriptive essay. As the name implies, in a descriptive essay you are describing something. This may be a person, an object an experience or something else. They will be written in either past or present tense.
  • Narrative essay. Narrative essays tell about an event or an experience. They may be written in past or present tense. As with all essays the verb tense should be consistent with no unnecessary shifts in tense.

Performing a tense check online using an essay present tense finder like ours is one way to make sure your paper is free of tense-related problems.

Essay Tenses Checker Characteristics for Successful Essay Submission

Editing an essay for tense with a verb tense corrector will greatly improve your papers chance of being well received as long as the tool possesses the right features and functions.  The following are some of the features of our online essay tense corrector that makes it such a great tool:

features of essay tense checker
  • Identifies all tense related problems. Our tool detects any issues related to verb tense so that you can be sure you are using the correct tense in your essay.
  • Corrects detected verb tense problems. After verb tense errors have been identified the tool recommends corrections to fix all these mistakes.
  • Identifies and corrects other types of errors. Our online essay tense corrector detects many types of grammar mistakes including run on sentences, sentence fragments, wrong use of pronouns and others. It also checks for punctuation and spelling mistakes as well as for use of passive voice
  • Provides accurate results. Our tense corrector tool has a high degree of accuracy to ensure all mistakes are identified and fixed.

Benefits of Editing an Essay with Our Online Essay Tense Checker

It is well worth editing an essay for tense with our online verb tense corrector. The following are just a few of the benefits to be gained using our tense editing tool.

  • Submit better essays. You will be able to submit essays that are free of verb tense mistakes and other errors which is a huge benefit.
  • Learn more about verb tenses. By using the tense corrector you will gain more knowledge about verb tenses from seeing what constitutes a verb tense mistake as well as how to correct these types of errors
  • Save time and effort. Proofreading and editing an essay could take hours. Our tool will analyze your entire essay and recommend corrections in a minute or less depending on the length of your paper.
  • Tool works with any type of writing. Our tense check tool can be used to edit any type of writing. Academic papers, research papers, letters or any other type of text can be edited with our tool.
  • Tool is easy on the budget. Our writing tool is free so you can use it even if you are on a tight budget.

Start submitting great essays free of verb tense mistakes by using our online essay tense checker and corrector to proofread and edit your paper for tenses!